Breaking free from drama and moving into joy, abundance and love makes a huge difference in your finances, relationships, career and inner state of being!


What Others Are Saying…

“Christy Whitman is beyond greatness, no words can describe how wonderful she is. Before I started working with Christy I was living in a state of lack. I didn’t even realize how much I had limited my life by the little words that I was using that cut off my abundance. During my time working with Christy I have learned so many tools and techniques that have brought me to a state of allowing and remaining natural to others personalities. This is a big one for me since I have strong opinions. I have also been able to stay in peace and abundance through the meditations that are so powerful. There is so much positive reinforcement that is given that it’s so easy to follow what she teaches.”

– Kristie Stephens

“Before I started working with Christy I was unhappy and full of anxiety about my life. I could not get my business off the ground and my marriage was in trouble. I could not figure out why. I tried many coaches and counselors but still ended up feeling the same way. When Christy introduced me to the drama triangle and I realized I was being a victim in all of these situations my whole life changed. I made a commitment to use the tools that she shared and got myself out of the victim triangle. I am now building a successful business and my marriage is on the way to becoming whole again. Thanks Christy!”

– Rachael Jencks

“I now get how words and thoughts are so so linked into the triangle. Notice, be aware, and stand back from the drama. Fab week 💕”

– Marie

“Dear Christy, it’s such great value all that I’ve received in these 7 days, It let me go deeper to find such valuable tools to make my life better and in this way help others to make their life better too… All I can say is that your purpose has touched my heart deeply and will expand to many more other people!!!

From deep in my heart, thank you so much!!! And to all this wonderful group also!!!”

– Patricia

“When I ask myself, “What is the most loving thing I can say in this moment?”… It just feels good… It shifts my energy… It allows me to expand… It allows me to grow… It moves me toward being & feeling free… Thank YOU, Christy!!”

– Bell

“In the day 7 video, I resonated with the idea presented that if I make a choice that I recognize is more in alignment with the perspective of the victim, persecutor, or rescuer, forgive myself immediately. The idea of forgiving myself struck a powerful chord with me. I feel like forgiving myself opens some space to reflect and learn and make better choices in the future.”

– Karen

“The latest lesson reminds me of the saying… you can be bitter or get better. When we allow ourselves to get sucked into the drama triangle, the only result is bitterness and pain and hurt. But if you choose to step out and hold space for love instead, true healing can begin. Yes!”

– Judy

Ronda Fleming
“Christy is a staple in my spiritual journey. I’ve been walking in the light of Christy and The Council since 2021 which is when my enlightenment journey began. My Quantum Light Shift is surrounded in light in so many way. Spiritually knowing that I am light from the inside out is freeing. Being in the light of The Council has released weights off of my heart.

My thoughts are of ease and flow. I find myself showing up for me with confidence and kindness. I extend my light to myself first and I feel full, uplifted, and light. My Angels of Light are shining so brightly on my path. I am appreciative in so many ways.”

– Ronda

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